QUICK ENERGY is born: the Battery Chargers

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The new technological solutions incorporated in Quick's SBC NRG battery chargers offers an output 15% higher than the market standard thus allowing the actual use of the supplied current without any waste.

A respect for the environment and for life onboard, with a reduction of acoustic disturbances, made possible by two small sized fans, managed by a micro-processor which controls their speed thanks to two air temperature sensors (internal and external).

All models are equipped with multiple outputs, and use the Mosfet technology which contributes to energy savings by separating the charge without harmful voltage drops. The user's interface is a back-lighted and alpha-numeric LCD display, with a multi-language menu.

The new SBC NRG series is also characterized by the reliability and the advantages already tested with the previous ADV PLUS series, such as the three-stages charge, the operating temperature range between -15°C and +70°C, the CAN-BUS interface, the possibility to connect up to three battery chargers in parallel, all levels of protection aimed at guaranteeing a long life for the batteries and the capability of supplying maximum power even in extreme conditions while using the highest quality components and materials.


Launched on the market on: October 2011

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