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“Adriatic Economic Cluster Club” project (189/2009) co-funded by Programme IPA CBC

The Ancona Chamber of Commerce participate to the SEATEC  2014 with in a project named “Adriatic Economic Cluster Club” co-funded by the European Commission with the Programme IPA CBC. The project is focuses on nautical and shipbuilding industry and sectors including all the supply chain. The main aim of the project is to accelerate the reinforcement of the cluster approach in relation to this sector favouring the networking among SMEs, public administration, research institutes and associations. The project will also improve innovation, business activities and market research in the Adriatic area.
The international partnership consist of 15 partners coming from 6 different Countries  Italy, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania) and the project is leaded by the Veneto Regional Association of Chamber of Commerce (Unioncamere Veneto).
Within this project the Ancona Chamber of Commerce also has developed a specific pilot action named: “Development of a nautical supply chain focused on eco-design and eco-processes for environmental impacts prevention and upgrading of waste recycling”, focused on an innovative process of testing of processes and products environmentally and socially sustainable, pushing on the growth and awareness in the yacht building and refitting sector of the Marche Region. 

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