Abitare la Barca 2012

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Concorsi - Abitare la Barca
ABITARE LA BARCA 2012 – 6th year
Abitare la Barca, living on board with an accent on comfort, elegance, functionality and safety. As a definition of a setting that suggests ways of living on board. “…The land-dweller's house is the expression of an outdated world of small dimensions”  Le Corbusier declared in Eyes that do not see (Toward an Architecture). The famous appeal to architects in 1923 where Le Corbusier gives as a model the extreme skill of naval engineers, and ships “…the first stage in the realization of a world organized in accordance with the new spirit ..”.
THEME 2012
A completely dismountable boat, 3 to 6 meters L.O.A., with entirely eco-friendly propulsion, mono or multi hull, carriable and with a clear approach to a design which involves the use of natural materials, either recycled or recyclable, for every single component.  Their use may range from pleasure, fishing to complementary facilities at private beach facilities. Particular attention should be paid to the safety and reliability that a small versatile boat should always have
THEME 2011
Open boats – maximum length 7 metres – primarily with oars with the option of an engine – on board or outboard – and minimum auxiliary sailing equipment, that reinterprets with new ideas the classical features of the Mediterranean shipyard traditional boats, that is the small fishing boats. Their use may range from pleasure fishing to complementary facilities at bathing establishments.  Particular attention should be paid to the lightness, versatility, low management costs, safety and reliability that small versatile boats should have